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Indigenous Interpreting Training Arrives

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 14, 2016 7:36:39 AM / by Katharine Allen & Barry S. Olsen posted in interpreting, Training, language access, Indigenous Interpreting

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Interpreting in this country faces a crisis. There is an exploding need for trained, professional indigenous language interpreters. Indigenous migrants from all over the globe have left their native lands and come to America and Europe. They live, work and now access services in their new homes and we need a way to talk to them.

The problem? They speak languages previously overlooked by our profession. And they come from cultures often so profoundly different from our own that current interpreting training practices are not enough to bring new interpreters into the field.

InterpretAmerica Co-President Katharine Allen has dedicated a large part of the last several years working on projects as part of dedicated and talented teams to change that reality. Most days we labor in quiet. The projects we work on build incrementally and the world moves on around us. But some days are special. On some days, we get to shout our accomplishments from the mountaintops and celebrate something new in the world.

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