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Consulting Services

Our Expertise

The language services industry is booming. Multilingual communication in all its facets is in demand like never before. Yet our field is also young and still forming. There are many areas where those in the field can use the help of an expert consultant:

  • Do you need help navigating the technology side of interpreting to understand what’s feasible, doable, and desirable in today’s rapidly shifting business environment?
  • Are you looking to solve the language access needs for your limited English-speaking patients?
  • Do you need a curriculum designed or reviewed for interpreting and translation?
  • Are you looking for a train-the-trainer program to meet your ongoing need to train in-house interpreters?
  • Are you working on projects related to military, conflict zone, or indigenous interpreting?

InterpretAmerica can help guide you in any of the above scenarios and others.  We have many years of shared experience on these kinds of projects and can work with you to identify, address and implement your program needs.

Contact us for more information about our consulting services and how we can help you meet your needs.

If you want to book us for a speaking event, please see our Speaking page. 


Barry S. Olsen

Barry Slaughter Olsen comes from the conference interpreting sector. He is an accomplished educator and trainer and is currently an associate professor of translation and interpretation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies) Graduate School of Translation, interpretation and Language Education. Barry is well-versed in curriculum design, especially for graduate-level study, and is known for his personal but rigorous teaching approach. He is widely recognized as an expert on how technology is reshaping multilingual communication. Barry also has experience working with initiatives to provide interpreting and translation training for military interpreters.


Katharine Allen

Katharine Allen comes from the community interpreting and healthcare sectors. She has worked with hospitals for many years to help them improve their language access services. She has consulted with social service and education institutions to help train bilingual staff and service providers to best practices for providing interpreting and translating services. Katharine also has extensive experience creating interpreter training curriculum for interpreters and interpreter trainers. She has consulted on several military interpreting and translation projects. Recently, she has gained expertise in creating interpreter services programs targeting indigenous language speakers.