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Demystifying Interpreter Talent (Read on to Win A Free Webinar Registration)

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 29, 2017 3:05:00 AM / by Katharine Allen & Barry S. Olsen posted in interpreting, Client Education, GALA, Interpreting Delivery Platforms

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Read on to learn how to win a free registration to the upcoming live webinar on Demystifying Interpreter Talent, a $75 value!

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Professional Baseball, Globalization and the Need for Professional Interpreting

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 11, 2016 1:40:20 PM / by Barry S. Olsen posted in interpreting, interpreting employment, Client Education, Interpreter, business, Major League Baseball, language, baseball

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Baseball is an integral part of American cultural identity. So when news broke in January that Major League Baseball would require all 30 teams to provide two full-time Spanish/English interpreters, the news made headlines across the country.

The move by MLB authorities is proof positive that baseball isn’t exclusively America’s pastime anymore and hasn’t been for some time. Many of the best players don’t necessarily speak English. They weren’t hired to. They signed on the dotted line and came to the US from Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and elsewhere because they could pitch, hit or steal bases better than other MLB hopefuls who DO speak English as a first language. With 25 percent of all MLB players hailing from Spanish-speaking countries at the beginning of the 2015 season, this new rule was long overdue.  


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What Do You Call THAT? Increased Demand for Hybrid Skills

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 2, 2015 5:30:00 AM / by Giovanna Lester posted in interpreting, business of interpreting, interpreting employment, Client Education

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