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Welcome to the 6th InterpretAmerica Summit!

A lot has changed in the interpreting space since InterpretAmerica 5 in 2015 and this year's Summit seeks to reflect that.

For years we, and many others, have predicted oncoming disruption to our field. Well, now it's here and we are all experiencing its impact. Interpreting is square in the middle of two huge disruptive waves: 

  • The interpreting profession as a whole has gone mobile and online.
  • Many of the settings we interpret in are also going mobile and online.

The fundamental shift that is driving change is nothing short of humans changing how they communicate with each other. We are moving online en masse around the world. This shift is changing everything from how international conferences are held to how doctors interact with patients and how defendants attend court hearings. 

And the pace of that change has been breathtaking, with no signs of slowing down.

Our previous, hard-fought-for work models are being squeezed from inside and our profession is showing the strain.

  • Demand for qualified, professional interpreters is skyrocketing but the training pipeline infrastructure is woefully underdeveloped.
  • Buyers of interpreting services increasingly insist on remote interpreting solutions and often institute new platforms with little regard for their impact on working interpreters or the end users of their services.
  • Technology companies are creating innovative and often-promising platforms for interpreters to connect to employers but have a hard time reaching their target audience.
  • Language service companies are caught in-between buyers, interpreters and end users, struggling to find the right talent for the right job with the right technology at the right time. 

This year's Summit has an ambitous goal: to put into motion a credible process for the creation and implementation of best practices for remote interpreting - across all interpreting specializations and stakeholder groups. 

InterpretAmerica is not a professional association or credentialling body - our role is to convene all those interested and do everything in our power to support this process. Between now and October 30, we will be working with the profession to hone the Summit's content and workgroup focus. 

Check out our preliminary program and onsite and attendance options and mark your calendars for October 30, 2017!


Many thanks to our Summit sponsors!


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