Survey on Translation and Interpretation in Mexico


Mexico is made up of a rich linguistic tapestry:

  • 364 indigenous language varieties plus Spanish
  • A crossroads between its English-heavy neighbors to the north and its Spanish-laden neighbors to the south
  • A living historical bridge between pre-colombian cultures and modern diversity

 In short, Mexico keeps its translators and interpreters busy.

But who are these language professionals? What is it exactly that they do? What are their specialties? How are they compensated for their contributions? What are the current industry norms? What is the future outlook?

In an unprecedented initiative, the Italia Morayta Foundation, in partnership with InterpretAmerica and the Association of Public Service and Community Interpreters and Translators, has set out to create a snapshot of the industry’s present day contours, niches, and needs.

The ambitious survey is designed to efficiently compile fundamental data about the field and its subspecialties. Highlights include:

  • Conference, business, and community interpreting
  • Literary translation to newer “niche” specialities such as transcreation and video game localization
  • Occupational health and well-being
  • Use and impact of technology
  • A first look at indigenous interpreting inside Mexico

This initiative, arising from the industry, will ultimately be returned to the industry at Lenguas 2017 in Mexico City on September 28-30, 2017, where the results will be presented and subsequently made available to all, free of charge.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey, which is now closed and the results are being tabulated.

We hope you will join us in September to see what the survey has revealed about our dynamic and diverse community. 


For more detailed information, listen to an interview with Ana Lucía Lopez in Spanish about this first-ever survey of the Mexican translation and interpretation professions and Lenguas 2017.

Encuesta Interview.png