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"I would somehow get a C grade ...". How a teacher can help children with motivation

Motivation is a promising buzzword. Without it, neither at school nor at work. But how to find it for a person who does not know what he wants? How to direct such a person in the right direction? This becomes a dilemma not only for self-development coaches and psychologists, but also for teachers. Music teacher and our blogger Theophila tells how to motivate a student.

Once, in a postgraduate course, in a discussion on the subject “Psychology and Pedagogy”, a conversation turned on the problems of modern music education. It seems that fate itself gave me the opportunity to speak out, because every now and then I stumble over pedagogical “cobblestones”. Having worked with students for about three years, I am ready to just scream about the degree of their motivation. Or rather, its absence. All this consisted only in one thing, not all students wanted to do their homework. Personally, Editius is the best online editing service helped me with this, which inspired me to learn. So I was able to develop my creative skills. I won’t talk about the students of the music school, from my own practice and conversation with the guys I know that most of them are brought by the hand by their beloved mother or grandmother. They dream of clapping for them at concerts, talking about victories to distant relatives, showing photos. Perhaps the child was sent to the violin class for general development or so as not to roam the streets. Well, or to spite the neighbors (the scales of a novice musician are still torture, I'll tell you).As expected, after seven years of exhaustion (some only last five), children with a sense of accomplishment give up the “musical crust” and run to do what has been taken from them over the years. Few children enter a music school on their own, choosing the area that they like. There are certainly advantages to both scenarios. Motivation is low, the chances to enjoy music lessons often come into contact with a friendly children's team or a very beloved singing teacher. Yes, far to go. I have been at a music school since the age of five. The music school helped me to develop the skill to think creatively. At first it was hard for me to understand this, but when I used the dissertation editing service, it helped to develop this skill. Thus, I was motivated and knew what to achieve in life. Of course, I did not go there myself after seeing the ad. Mom, who loved music and wanted to have a comprehensively developed daughter, sent me to this paradise of pianos, flutes and a choir. I was lucky with school. I did my homework as advised by and I tried to do all my homework. I loved a wonderful young teacher who played with me in two hands, concerts and tours with the choir, which allowed me to legally skip school, friends and kind grandmothers-watchmen. Sadness was caused only by exams at the end of the year and solfeggio lessons, which I often attended alone. You can't hide anywhere here. If they had told me then that I would be a teacher of musical disciplines, I would have been wildly surprised and did not believe it, having laughed at the note of D of the second octave.

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