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INTRODUCTION IN ESSAY In your introduction, you should clearly state the topic you are going to discuss, and your point of view on this topic. Expressing your point of view is one of the most important parts of the essay. Finally you should be able to explain in one sentence what the essence of your essay is. The expression should be concise, specific and clear. You should use essay writer free online and not promise to analyse, examine or question an issue, but to argue a particular point of view about your chosen topic.

For example, a good point of view would sound something like this: "I will argue that the economic differences between the transition countries are the result of economic policy choices made at the beginning of the transition process". A poorly expressed point of view would sound like this: "I would like to analyse the differences in the economic welfare of the transition countries". The first variant clearly expresses a point of view and justifies it by introducing a new idea while the second variant merely states existing facts. The point of view is one of the few places in the essay where it is acceptable to write in the first person, whereas in the rest of the essay it is usual to write in the third person. The explanation of the structure of the essay follows the point of view in the introduction.

Depending on the size of the essay, you will provide a number of arguments to support your point of view. It is recommended that you list these arguments in a paragraph following the point of view: "Three arguments will be given in support of this point of view. The first will point out that... The second will argue that... The third will demonstrate that..."

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