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Switching from Android to iPhone made easy

Add your Google Account to your iPhone

When you use the Move app on iOS, for example you want to transfer pdf scanner app, you may notice that your Google Account has been added to your iPhone. If you choose not to move your Google Account during this process, or if you haven't used the Move app on iOS (which can be tricky at times and some users have reported issues), you'll need to add it yourself. - the same Chapter is very simple! On an iPhone, tap Settings, then tap Mail. Click Accounts, add an account, and select Google from the list. Your iPhone opens to the Google sign-in page, where you can enter your account name and password.

After adding an account, you can select it in the account statement and choose whether to sync email, contacts, calendar, and notes. These options import data from your Google Account into the Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Notes apps on iOS, but can be turned off if you plan to use the Google app instead of Apple on your iPhone.

You can download a copy of your data from Google cloud services at For example, if you want to download a copy of all your photos and videos from Google Photos to transfer them back to iCloud, start here.

Enjoy Google Apps on iPhone

Google is creating more apps for iPhones. Switching to iOS doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite Google apps, but they may work differently on your Android phone. In particular, you can't make them your default apps. For example, when you open an email link, the Apple Mail app opens instead of Gmail.

In particular, you may need to download Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Photos, and Google Maps. If you really want to keep as many Google apps on Android as possible, Google Apps gives you a familiar search and discovery process. Google Assistant replaces Siri (though you need to launch an app to use it), and Chrome makes the browser more familiar.

Of course, there are third-party apps on the iPhone, such as Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix, all of which look and work very similar to Android. All you have to do is sign in with your account and all your content should be there. Don't forget to give yourself some time, for example, to download music or videos you want to watch offline.

If you don't want to lose your game progress, make sure they have some sort of online storage. Many popular games let you sign in with your Facebook account or a game-specific account, which can save your progress. Just make sure you're signed in with the same account you used to load the game onto your iPhone.

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