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5 Burning Questions about "think! Interpreting"

Published Jan 31, 2015

Whenever you learn about something new, it’s natural to have questions. If you attended think! Interpreting last year in Istanbul, then you already know the benefits of attendance. But if you didn’t, we’ve answered five questions that will help you understand why you should think! Interpreting and join us in March in Sevilla, Spain.

1.What is think! Interpreting?

Think! Interpreting is a “conference within a conference” and the result of a partnership between InterpretAmerica and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). Now in its second year, think! Interpreting runs concurrently with GALA’s annual Language of Business conference and all sessions are open to all conference attendees. It is a part of the GALA think! event series, which also includes regional events like think! India and think! Latin America.

Unlike InterpretAmerica’s Summits, which bring together individual interpreters, language service companies, technology providers and end users of interpreting services, think! Interpreting was created as a specific forum to focus on the business of interpreting, a place where senior leadership could meet to learn about new trends and network, envision the future of interpreting and then go out and make it happen. It is the only forum in the language services industry dedicated exclusively to the business of interpreting.

2. Why did you start think! Interpreting?

Language industry business conferences have traditionally focused on translation and localization, leaving interpreting companies with no forum to call their own where they can focus on the business side of interpreting. We see think! Interpreting as a natural extension of our stated mission to “raise the profile of interpreting” and a perfect complement to InterpretAmerica 5, which will take place in Monterey, California, on June 12-13, 2015.

3. Who attends think! Interpreting?

Our attendees include top executives, business development and sales representatives, VP level executives and project managers from interpreting companies located around the globe. In reality, anyone with an interest in the business aspects of interpreting will benefit from attendance. Why not register now?

4. What topics are covered?

At think! Interpreting 2015, we will be answering the question: “Where are the opportunities on the expanding spectrum of interpreting services?” You’ll hear from top interpreting company executives like Kristin Quinlan from Certified Languages International (CLI) on increasing business with on-demand interpreting and Ivan Venzin of CyraCom Language Solutions on recent research on the link between interpreting and the customer support market. But in Sevilla you’ll also have the opportunity to hear form startups like VoiceBoxer and VoicesAcademy, companies seeking to change the way both interpreting services and interpreter training are delivered.

But that’s not all. At our interpreting-specific KnowledgeFest discussions we’ll be tackling the challenges that interpreting companies face with the collective brainpower of executives from all over the world. Speed networking is back again this year with a new twist to help you develop high-quality interpreting-focused contacts.

Finally, InterpretAmerica’s own Katharine Allen will be teaching a master class called: “Navigating the Growing Interpreting Services Market: Should My Company Test the Waters or Dive in Head First?”Join Katharine on this detailed voyage through the world of interpreting to answer questions like: What are the market segments for interpreting? What are the industry standards in these different segments? What kinds of service offerings are already out there? What technologies are being used today to deliver interpreting services? Will speech-to-speech translation erode the current market for human interpreting services? And do I have to grow the service from the ground up or is white labeling or partnering an option for my company?

5. What is the value of think! Interpreting?

At this event, interpreting-specific content doesn’t come in bits and pieces, as an afterthought or a sideshow. It is where the interpreting business meets. In short, this is interpreting-specific content you can’t find anywhere else. If you are serious about the business of interpreting you need to think! Interpreting. Register today!


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