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Highlighting Interpreting to the Broader Language Services Industry

Published September 24, 2015

At InterpretAmerica, one key focus we have is to do whatever we can to make the interpreting profession as visible as possible. It's our belief that we cannot gain the credibility and recognition we want for our profession if no one really knows who we are and what we do. And that includes being seen and understood by our sister professions of translation and localization. 

Jost Zetzsche bequeaths Jeromobot to InterpretAmerica to continue his crusade of supporting translators, and now interpreters, during turbulent times. 

So this fall we are highlighting and participating in a variety of efforts to help celebrate and ultimately make interpreting more visible and better understood, including's annual Virtual Conference on International Translation Day, launching The Tech-Savvy Interpreter, a new monthly column in the renowned Translator's Tool Box Journal, and think! Interpreting 2016.

2015 Virtual Conference: International Translation Day

Every year, runs a Virtual Conference on International Translation Day (September 30th). For the first time this year, we will be adding some of our kind of interpreting content to the conference. Our session is titled: 

From remote participation to virtual meetings and from real-time translation of chat and email, the lines are blurring between translation and interpreting. Currently, interpreters find themselves being asked to use new technologies and to deliver translation services for real-time written communications more suited for professional translators. How will our sister professions respond to this new market demand?

We invite you to join us virtually next week.

InterpretAmerica Debuts The Tech-Savvy Interpreter Column

We are proud to announce another new collaboration with translation tech guru Jost Zetzsche, author of The Tool Box Journal and our keynote speaker at the 5th InterpretAmerica Summit last June. The Journal has long been one of the best resources translators have for making the most of the many technological tools we use in our work.

During the 5th InterpretAmerica Summit, Jost lent his famous avatar, Jeromobot, to InterpretAmerica, in the hopes that we can use some of his mojo in supporting the best of our trade in times of turbulent change. Now, starting with Jost's upcoming journal, we are proud to announce that InterpretAmerica has taken the first step in that process and will author The Tech-Savvy Interpreter, a new monthly column on interpreting technology. Many translators interpret and many interpreters translate. We hope to add great content about interpreting tech and tools to an already great publication. 

If you haven't subscribed to The Translator's Toolbox, you can do so here.

Call for Papers Deadline is this September 30th, 2015!

Check out our recent blog post for full details. But long story short, we are collaborating with the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) for the third year running to help highlight all things Interpreting next March at GALA's Annual Language of Business conference in New York City. 

We've already had a strong response and we are excited to be able to highlight the best practices and innovations in interpreting from the United States, and beyond. 

If you're on the fence, we encourage to take the time to fill out a proposal and come to the only annual language industry conference of it's kind!

We love it when people connect, network,  and find new resources. With these collaborations, new and old, our hope is to make it easier for you to access the resources your need and to shine a spotlight on our profession so it is seen far and wide.  


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