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Interpreting Takes the Global Stage at think! Interpreting

Published March 18, 2015

This year's 2015 GALA Business of Language conference is upon us! In just a few short days, InterpretAmerica Co-Presidents Barry S. Olsen and Katharine Allen will head to Seville, Spain, where they will moderate GALA's second annual think! Interpreting event. There, they'll be working to put interpreting up front and center at the annual conference of the world's largest trade association for language companies.

GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association, has recognized and begun to highlight the increased importance of interpreting in the more than $37-billion-a-year language servcies industry. And this is a welcome development because interpreting services represent a growing slice (17%) of the language services pie.

Another reason why interpreting is now claiming its place at the language industry table is the new ways people communicate: blending the written with the spoken, and using technology aids with human services to bridge language barriers. Where interpreting starts and translation stops sometimes can be hard to determine. And in a field with continued growth projections at the center of the world's changing communications paradigms, opportunities abound and innovations are here.

At think! Interpreting we have a great line-up of speakers, Knowledgefest discussion tables, and even a Master Class offering to highlight the importance of and energy in our current marketplace. And thanks to CyraCom's sponsorship of the Speed Networking session at GALA, we'll have a specific networking track just for interpreting.

While the GALA conference does target language companies and the business side of interpreting, anyone involved in interpreting has something to learn from what's on offer.

For our many readers and supporters who will not be in Seville, we will be posting out in real-time the conference events and highlights. Join us on Facebook and Twitter (#galasevilla) March 22-25 and be part of the conversation.



Many thanks to Certified Languages International, our official think! Interpreting sponsor, and Cyracom, Speed Networking Sponsor. think! Interpreting couldn't happen without them. 


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