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Thank you to everyone who joined us for think! Interpreting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

March 26-29, 2017

The Okura Hotel in Amsterdam




The New Basics: Success and Sustainability in Today’s Language Industry

InterpretAmerica is pleased to continue its partnership with the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) to produce the fourth installment of think! Interpreting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. think! Interpreting is a main content track within GALA's Annual Conference. It provides conference participants the opportunity to network with other interpreting providers from around the globe and gain unique insight into the interpreting market. 

think! Interpreting sessions are open to all attendees and will explore topics critical to the interpreting sector that focus on this year's conference theme: The New Basics: Success and Sustainability in Today's Language Industry. 

think! Interpreting provides a unique forum where key players gather to get a big picture of the interpreting market as well as to foster business and networking opportunities with key language enterprise stakeholders from around the world.

GALA is a global voice for the language industry. InterpretAmerica welcomes the opportunity to partner with GALA to further integrate this thriving segment with the rest of the language enterprise. think! Interpreting is the place where the business of interpreting meets and we are delighted to invite you to our growing community.


Why think! Interpreting?

Unlike other events that we participate in, including our own InterpretAmerica Summits, where our focus is on the individual interpreter, interpreter education and interpreter technology, the primary focus of the GALA Annual Conference is the business side of language services. GALA is the largest global trade association for language services companies and its annual conference targets the companies that employ translators and interpreters around the world.

The think! Interpreting track at the conference introduces critical knowledge about key interpreting trends, needs and practices to the companies that play a huge part in shaping our field. After all, the hiring and work practices that these companies ultimately adopt impact the whole profession. For InterpretAmerica, the chance to showcase best practices and increase networking and awareness between translation and interpreting companies through think! Interpreting has proved highly gratifying and we believe, beneficial.