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InterpretAmerica, LLC was established in 2009 to provide a national and international forum for the interpreting profession. Our mission is to help raise the profile of interpreting. At InterpretAmerica, our goal is to provide an open and ongoing forum where key players from all branches of interpreting can gather and foster greater connection among its many sectors.


Through conferences, webinars, virtual events, blogs, public speaking, publications, and other activities, we work to bring together the community, conference, legal, medical, military, civilian conflict zone, and sign language interpreting sectors, as well as educators, end users, buyers, vendors, technology designers and innovators in the interpreting field. InterpretAmerica seeks to elevate the profile and reach of the interpreting industry to the benefit of all.

The time has come for interpreters to step out of their background roles as seamless facilitators of communication, and into a place that allows our contributions to society, democracy, diplomacy, and history to be fully recognized; into a place where we can come together, be counted, and guide our craft. At InterpretAmerica, our efforts are focused on innovative and effective ways to support this vision.

We invite you to explore our website, review our publications, check out the training and consulting services we offer, learn about upcoming events and contribute to ongoing discussions.

Barry Slaughter Olsen and Katharine Allen
Co-Presidents, InterpretAmerica, LLC

Katharine Allen

Katharine is a community and medical interpreter, trainer and language access consultant.

Katharine Allen, Co-President of InterpretAmerica, 

comes from the community interpreting and healthcare sectors. She has worked with hospitals for many years to help them improve their language access services. She has consulted with social service and education institutions to help train bilingual staff and service providers to best practices for providing interpreting and translating services. Katharine also has extensive experience creating interpreter training curriculum for interpreters and interpreter trainers. She has consulted on several military interpreting and translation projects. Recently, she has gained expertise in creating interpreter services programs targeting indigenous language speakers. She is founder of Words Across Borders.


Barry Olsen

Barry is a conference interpreter, translator and interpreting technology expert.

Barry Slaughter Olsen, Co-President of InterpretAmerica, comes from the conference interpreting sector. He is an accomplished educator and trainer and is currently an associate professor of translation and interpretation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies) Graduate School of Translation, interpretation and Language Education. Barry is well-versed in curriculum design, especially for graduate-level study, and is known for his personal but rigorous teaching approach. He is widely recognized as an expert on how technology is reshaping multilingual communication. Barry also has experience working with initiatives to provide interpreting and translation training for military interpreters.


As of May 20, 2020, InterpretAmerica co-founder Barry Slaughter Olsen has stepped down as

co-president to join the executive team at KUDO Inc. Visit the KUDO Inc. website to contact Barry.

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