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A statewide network of nonpartisan advocates for our professions and the communities we serve.

InterpretAmerica is proud to have been a founding member of the Coalition of Practicing Interpreters and Translators, created to help carve out an exemption from California's AB5 "gig workers" bill, passed in 2019 and which took effect January 1, 2021. 


After a full year of hard work and advocacy during 2020 (straight through the pandemic), this goal was achieved.  An exemption from California's gig-worker law, AB 5, was given with the passage of AB 2257. The exemption does not mean "business as usual" from before AB 5 was passed. There is a new landscape for California-based translators and interpreters who wish to work as independent contractors. 

CoPTIC has published a variety of materials to help you navigate this new landscape. You can watch a video of an informational webinar (embedded below) and download several PDF documents with additional information. If you have additional questions, visit


  1. Webinar PowerPoint Presentation Part 1

  2. Webinar Powerpoint Presentation Part 2

  3. AB 2257: Practical Protection for Linguists

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