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On this page we share a miscellaneous compilation of presentations that have taken place at past InterpretAmerica Summits. Ranging from full keynote talks to our signature lightning Interpret-ED presentations, a wealth of information and insight is on offer. Enjoy!

In October 2017, leadership from across the interpreting profession met to discuss best practices for remote interpreting at InterpretAmerica 6. The plenary and closing session were livestreamed. Now you can see them for yourselves here!

InterpretAmerica 6 Opening Plenary Session: Labor. Management. Technology - A Call to Action, 2017

The opening plenary at InterpretAmerica sets the broad framework for where remote interpreting stands in the profession.

InterpretAmerica 6 Closing Plenary Session: Labor. Management. Technology - A Call to Action, 2017

The closing plenary at InterpretAmerica provides a first look at the initial best practice recommendations the legal, medical, conference and profession-wide work groups produced.

Video Remote Interpreting talk on Kubi by Steve Frank at Interpret America 5, 2015

Crossing the Threshhold from Technology Adoption to Internalization

Interpret-ED “The ‘Netflix’ Approach to Interpreter Training” by Michelle Scott, 2013

Voices For Health, Inc. founder and CEO, Michelle Scott, explores how on-demand entertainment delivery models such as Netflix and iTunes have the potential to provide education to medical interpreters, cost effectively and without compromising patient care. An expert in cross-cultural instruction, Michelle will show us cutting edge programs that have the potential to change how we view interpreter training.

Interpret-ED “Do Interpreters Practice?” by Elisabet Tiselius, 2013

Elisabet Tiselius, conference interpreter and PhD student, explores the seeming contradiction of expert interpreters who never practice, yet still reach a master level of expertise. Through face-to-face interviews with working interpreters, Elisabet uncovers surprising insight into what makes interpreters excel.

Interpret-ED “Confession of a Webcast Interpreter?” by Cris Silva, 2013

Interpreter Cris Silva will share the good, the bad and the ugly in webcast interpreting. An activity once limited to onsite booths and close proximity to your interpreting partner can now be done from home in pjs with your boothmate thousands of miles away. But one thing hasn't changed: It's either tear your hair out or get along. Cris shares her own experience with humor and wisdom.

The ASTM International Standards on Interpreting: What You Need to Know, InterpretAmerica 4, 2013

Victor Hertz, President of Accredited language Services, presents on the current ASTM standards related to language service companies.

The Digital Revolution and Multilingual Communications: A New Paradigm by Scott Klososky, 2012

For the 3rd North American Summit on Interpreting, InterpretAmerica invited Scott Klososky, a thought leader who specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways, to be the opening keynote speaker. Interpreters are facing serious and disruptive technology-driven changes in how they prepare for their assignments and how their services are delivered. In this thought-provoking presentation, Scott squarely frames interpreting within larger trends like social networks, Web 2.0 and the advent of the smartphone. The current pace of technological change presents both challenges and opportunities for interpreters the world over, but it is up to the interpreting industry and interpreters themselves to decide how these changes will affect them.

Technology Trends and the Interpreting Marketplace by Nataly Kelly, 2010

Keynote address given at the 2nd North American Summit on Interpreting by Nataly Kelly, Chief Research Officer at Common Sense Advisory, on June 17, 2011.


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