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Announcing InterpretAmerica 2020: An Online Event to Help Us Ensure Access to Interpreting

2020 is InterpretAmerica's 10th anniversary year. We had been planning a celebratory event. But now, COVID-19 has crashed into everyone's world and up-ended our beloved profession in a matter of weeks. We now know what our focus needs to be.​ We are organizing the first in what we hope will be a series of free, online meetings where our field can meet, take stock, and get unified to face the extreme disruption COVID-19 is causing to our profession and to the language access we make possible. This first meeting will take place next week in a 2-hour free, online forum on March 26. We hope you attend and participate - there will be many ways to provide feedback and help our profession problem s

COVID-19's Urgent Message: All for One and One for All

COVID-19 has crashed into everyone’s world with a suddenness for which no one was prepared. For the first time since World War II, humanity as a whole is experiencing a shared crisis that will require creativity, grit and resilience to overcome. For our beloved profession of interpreting and the critical language access we provide all over the world, the imperative is clear. We need an “all for one, one for all” response. In the course of last week alone, we saw the onsite infrastructure for delivering interpreting services implode worldwide as social distancing emerged as the key tool to stem the tide of infections. A growing number of institutions and jurisdictions the world over are now m

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