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Leaving the Safety of Silence and Invisibility: A Personal Response

I am another white woman, born into middle class American privilege, seeking an authentic way to respond to George Floyd’s murder and the centuries-long tunnel of violence and oppression that his death has blown up into the spotlight. This is not my first attempt at a response, but part of an ongoing, lifelong journey that I want to say out loud, on the platform that publicly defines me. If there is any one, least thing we can all do, right now, it is to leave our comfortable quiet behind. I have no earth-shattering insight for how to best help. There is surely no single, best way. Power is found in all the individual ways we, as human beings, find to respond. All I know is that now is a tim

ACT TODAY:Your California Assemblymember Is Voting on Your Livelihood

In the midst of the all-consuming issues we face from the pandemic and diverse protests nationwide for racial justice, the sausage-making process that all new legislation goes through nonetheless grinds on in the California legislature, where efforts to mitigate the harmed caused by AB 5 continue. As is often said, "As California goes, so goes the nation." This issue is of critical importance for professional interpreters and translators everywhere. June, including this first week, is yet another pivotal moment for those advocating for a clear pathway for independent contractor interpreters and translators to be able to continue in their profession with autonomy in California. In Ap

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