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Calling California Linguists: January Is Make or Break Time for Action on AB 5

ACTION ALERT! Have you called your two state legislators in the last two weeks? Now is the moment for all of us to step up before the end of January to ask lawmakers to fix AB5 with new legislation that EXEMPTS language professionals. By taking just a few moments of time this week you can help tip the scales! Click here and then follow the "find by address" link to identify your Assemblymember and Senator. Lookup their local and Sacramento office phone numbers and call them both. The message is simple: Lawmakers need to fix AB5 to protect language professionals (and many other traditionally freelance professions) from the unintended consequences of this law. Ask for new legislation that prov

Act Now for a Chance to Fix AB 5

On Wednesday, we had an op-ed published in The Californian. Our article is one of a flood of news stories, forum threads and social media discussions from all over the world highlighting the very real, and very negative effects that AB 5 is having on translators and interpreters in California. The public pressure is part of an organized campaign to convince lawmakers to revisit AB 5 and carve out an exemption for interpreters and translators. AB 5, the so called "gig worker" bill, went into effect on January 1, 2020. Independent contractors working in professions that did not secure an exemption before the law was passed are now automatically classified as employees. The effects of this bill

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