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An Epic Nor'easter, Interpreting and GALA Head to Boston

By Barry S. Olsen and Katharine Allen

GALA's 10th annual Language of Business conference is set to start this coming Wednesday, March 13, as a major nor'easter bears down on Boston.

Come storm or sunshine, InterpretAmerica will be at the GALA conference, celebrating our continued partnership with the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) to produce the fifth installment of think! Interpreting.

think! Interpreting is a main content track within GALA's Annual Conference. It provides conference participants the opportunity to network with other interpreting providers from around the globe and gain unique insight into the interpreting market. 

This year's sessions are open to all attendees and will explore topics critical to the interpreting sector that focus on this year's conference theme: Delighting Global End-users—A Mutual Goal for Mutual Success.

Over the past five years, we have moved from first introducing interpreting to the larger translation and localization segments of the language services market, to playing "show and tell" by demonstrating the latest interpreting platforms, to now, where we go deep and explore case studies of companies and projects that are successfully navigating the shifting interpreting market.

We are very excited to show off our think! Interpreting sessions and speakers. We think we've put together a great line-up of content that will continue to build better understanding and connection between the translation and interpreting sides of our profession.

think! Interpreting provides a unique forum where key players gather to get a big picture of the interpreting market as well as to foster business and networking opportunities with key language enterprise stakeholders from around the world.

GALA is a global voice for the language industry. InterpretAmerica welcomes the opportunity to continue our partnership with GALA to further integrate the thriving segment of spoken language services with the rest of the language enterprise.

We may be shaking snow off our coats and boots and drinking too much hot chocolate in the coming days, but it won't change the rich exchange of knowledge and the high quality events GALA always offers its attendees.

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Many thanks to Certified Languages International for once again making think! Interpreting possible with its generous support!

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Ahmed Osama Ahmed
Ahmed Osama Ahmed
Mar 13, 2018

Thanks so much for enhancing our language and ability for joining Interpreter America. it a great chance for gathering all interpreters in one occasion, one pleasant moment and nice events.

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