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Don't Miss think! Interpreting 7 at GALAConnected 2020

Way back in March, what seems like many lifetimes ago, the Globalization and Localization Association's annual conference was set to roll in San Diego, California, when COVID-19 hit. It was one of the very first conferences to cancel on very short notice.

In the immediate aftermath, GALA and InterpretAmerica collaborated to put on Interpreting Tech and Business Continuity: Delivering Interpreting Services During a World Health Crisis for what would turn out to be the first of many virtual events and meetings held across the language industry. Little could we imagine at the time how thoroughly business as normal would be upended.

Fast forward 6 months and InterpretAmerica is pleased to continue its partnership with the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) to produce the seventh installment of think! Interpreting, now part of GALA Connected. That's right, the programming planned for GALA's onsite conference in March will now be held online from September 23-25th, 2020.

The think! Interpreting 7 content, updated and adapted for our current pandemic reality, will run on Thursday, September 24th. This track will again provide a unique forum where key players can get a big picture of the interpreting market as well as to foster business and networking opportunities with key language enterprise stakeholders from around the world. You can see the content sessions below or by visiting the GALA Connect schedule here.

In March, it was hard to imagine how the world would shift because of the pandemic and which trends in interpreting would be accelerated or sidelined. At the heart of think! Interpreting 7 is the continued interplay between automation and the human interpreting workforce. Some automation is increasing efficiency in the support systems that help organizations manage interpreting services and some is pushing the boundaries towards real-time communication systems that are completely automated. Our speakers will also explore how government legislation is forcing language companies to adapt to new norms and what it really takes to educate end users about what goes into authentic multilingual communication.

Despite missing the chance to catch up during coffee breaks and GALA's many valuable activities that make it's annual conference unique, GALAConnected will go a long way to giving us that "GALA fix" we all need.

Monday, September 21 is the final day to register for the event! Sign up by 12:00pm PDT and be sure to follow GALAConnect 2020 on social media:




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