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Cheap Holographic Video Coming to Consumers

Published: 24 June 2013

From Tech News Daily…

Article Excerpt: “Forget about 3D glasses. Holographic monitors -- which render images that, even to the naked eye, seem to float in space -- could soon become an affordable reality for the masses. Researchers at MIT say they have cut the cost of producing key components that until now have kept holographic video displays as being only expensive lab projects costing tens of thousands of dollars to a commodity costing about $200 and compatible with a regular PC.

“In a new study published in the current issue of Nature, Daniel Smalley, a graduate student at MIT's Media Lab, outlined his work manufacturing an optical chip used to create color holographic videos for about $10 (about 6 percent of what it has cost), thus drastically bringing down the price of the whole system. Smalley built a prototype display that renders color holographic video at resolutions equal to that of a standard-definition TV.”

Link to full news story.

InterpretAmerica’s take: In order for interpreting to remain relevant, we need to keep an eye on new technological developments that could well affect our field in the future. According to this article in Tech New Daily,3D holographic video is well on its way to becoming an inexpensive consumer product. What could this mean for the remote delivery of interpreting services? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess, but it would appear that having an interpreter’s image jump from a flat screen to a full-blown 3D holographic image is just a few years away. ”Help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope…”


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