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10...9...8...7...Healthcare Interpreters, Trainers and Stakeholders, Last Chance to Fill Out the CCH

Published June 13, 2016

6/21/16 Update: 

We thank everyone who has taken the time to fill out the CCHI Job Task Analysis survey. If you missed the first deadline, we are happy to say that the deadline has now been extended to July 10th

If you missed the survey, you now have time to fill it out!

Special target group - dual role bilingual staff interpreters

We also would like to encourage any of you who work in hospitals, healthcare settings, interpreting agencies or other places where bilingual staff regularly provide interpreting services to share the survey with such staff. This group of individuals provides an unknown but significant amount of interpreting in healthcare settings and is hard to reach with surveys that measure the true scope and nature of our profession.

So please share the JTA link with interpreting coordinators, managers, supervisors or any in a similar capacity who can target this group. 

Read on for the original blog post.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock recently, you will have seen multiple postings about the Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey being run by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI). If you are a healthcare interpreter and have not yet filled it out, NOW is a great time to get it done. AND, if are an interpreter who works in more than one field, an interpreter trainer, supervisor, managor or a dual role staff who also interprets, take a moment to read this blog. You might be surprised that the survey applies to you after all. 

Make no mistake, this survey matters, and not just for healthcare interpreters. It is a key milestone in the professionalization of the interpreting field in the United States. 

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing CCHI Commissioner Margarita Bekker, who answered all our questions about the JTA and why it's so important that as many interpreters and interpreting stakeholders as possible fill it out. 


The Job Task Analysis (JTA) is a scientific tool that helps us to identify the current knowledge, skills and abilities needed to competently perform any healthcare interpreting task in any healthcare setting. A JTA is not just our idea, it's a process required by the National Commission for Certifiying Agenices (NCCA), the body that accredits the CCHI certification program. We welcome this requirment because it gives us great data about what's happening in the field. 

CCHI conducted its first Job Task Analysis in 2010. 2500 interpreters, trainers, managers and supervisors filled out that initial survey. The information if provided helped shape our initial certification process. (Click here to see the 2010 Job Task Analysis results.)


We are looking for everybody. Of course, we want all currently CCCHI certified interpreters to fill the survey out. They have all received a special link to do so. But you don't have to be certified.

We want a broad and diverse national sample. It's easy to think about the healthcare interpreter with a full-time position at a hospital or working for an agency. But other kinds of healthcare interpreters and stakeholders invested in working with professional healthcare interpreters count too.

We are very diverse and we want everyone to participate - the hospital interpreter, the remote interpreter, the dual role staff interpreter, the refugee interpreter. We are hoping to have participants who work in languages of lesser diffusion (LLDs). We want veterans and novice interpreters. We want trainers, managers and supervisors. We want you to take the survey and to encourage your colleagues and instructors to take it too!

It’s important to have the largest possible national sample because we all have our biases depending on where we work and how long we’ve been doing it. 


Once we get the data, we will analyze it and publish it in a national results document. The new data will tell us whether or not we need to update the certification test and how. But without the JTA, we don't have valid data to be able to adjust the contents of the test. 

By participating in the JTA, you are helping to shape the future of the profession. It's the most direct way an individual has of contributing, by helping to provide the scientific data.


The survey takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. It is separated into six main sections, which correspond to healthcare interpreter job domains (areas of knowledge, skills and abilities), professional responsibility and interpreter ethics, managing the interpreting encounter, healthcare terminology, the U.S. healthcare system, cultural responsiveness, and interpreting in healthcare settings.There are also a few questions on basic demographics.

Each section has a series of questions about specific interpreting tasks that the respondent rates according to the task's importance, the potential harm or impact if the task is not done, and the frequency of the task.

The way the questions are formatted may seem a little strange at first, but they are designed to yield scientifically valid data. Ultimately, they will reveal what interpreters, trainers and other stakeholders think about the importance of the tasks they do each day. 

Join us in making history - fill out the Job Task Analysis today!

The survey ends June 20! Don’t procrastinate.


Take the survey now. Put it on your calendar. Schedule time for it. 



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