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Introducing Interpret-ED - Must-See Speakers and Topics

Published: 22 May 2013

Excitement is ramping up for the 4th InterpretAmerica Summit, coming this June 14-15 to Reston, Virginia. 

We have gone through the difficult process of selecting our inaugural Interpret-ED session speakers for this, which is designed to inspire and move Summit attendees. We want everyone to come away enriched by the multiplicity of ways in which interpreting makes communication, understanding, and concerted action across language and culture possible. 

We have a wonderful group of speakers to do just that. They will explore a variety of topics that range from digging deep into the value of interpreting, to explaining the contradiction of master interpreters who never practice, to unlocking the secret to transforming indigenous immigrants into professional medical interpreters, and more. Each speaker brings something unique and important to the stage. 

Take a look at our inaugural Interpret-ED speakers, then register now! Early bird rates still apply!

The Real Value of Interpreting

Communication researcher Stephanie Jo Kent explores how interpreting allows for the simultaneous and seemingly contradictory existence of difference and connection. Professional interpreters perform at the precise intersection where education, experience, custom and creativity meet in live social interaction. According to Kent, the significance of interpreting at that juncture and in this precise moment in history cannot be overstated: Indeed, it offers a tangible way to approach solving global problems that threaten human survival.

Do Interpreters Practice?

Elisabet Tiselius, conference interpreter and PhD student, explores the seeming contradiction of expert interpreters who never practice, yet still reach a master level of expertise. Through face-to-face interviews with working interpreters, Elisabet uncovers surprising insight into what makes interpreters excel.

From Indigenous Immigrant to Professional Interpreter

 Victor Sosa, Language Access Director and Medical Interpreter takes us on an extraordinary journey into providing healthcare services for indigenous Triqui, Zapotec, and Mizteco patient populations. Along the way, he finds a unique path to provide care and ultimately, to train members of these recently arrived and still poorly understood immigrant communities as professional medical interpreters. This session will surprise and move you.

Confessions of a Webcast Interpreter

Interpreter Cris Silva will share the good, the bad and the ugly in webcast interpreting. An activity once limited to onsite booths and close proximity to your interpreting partner can now be done from home in pjs with your boothmate thousands of miles away. But one thing hasn't changed: It's either tear your hair out or get along. Cris shares her own experience with humor and wisdom.

Netflix for Interpreters Coming to You Soon!

 Voices for Health founder and RN Michelle Scott explores how digital entertainment delivery models such as Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon have the potential to transform interpreter education. An expert in plain language, Michelle will show us cutting edge programs that have the potential to change how we view interpreter training. 

You do not want to miss these wonderful speakers and the unique insight they have into our profession. 

Register now for the 4th InterpretAmerica Summit. We looking forward to seeing you there!


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