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Make Your Mark in Mexico: The Lenguas 2019 Call for Proposals Is Officially Open

Lenguas 2019 Call for Proposals

Planning for Lenguas 2019 is well underway and today, we are excited to announce that the call for proposals is officially open from now until June 30, 2018. You can find all the details at the Lenguas 2019 conference website. You can also see the preliminary program and information about the conference hotel and venue. Even if you don't submit a proposal, be sure to visit the site, sign up for updates and save the date for Lenguas 2019, next January 24-26 in Mexico City.

What exactly is Lenguas? Lenguas is an international forum for interpreters and translators that aims to bring professionals in these two fields together to discuss best practices, learn about today's market, and receive practical training. Last year, Lenguas 2017 launched a brand-new conference in the North American interpreting and translation space on the first International Translation Day formally recognized by the United Nations and less than 2 weeks after Mexico City experienced its worst earthquake since the infamous 1985 disaster.

Despite, and maybe partly because of, the challenges, the gathering marked a seminal moment for translation and interpreting in Mexico and collaboration with sister professionals in the United States. Kickstarted by the Italia Morayta Foundation and organized in partnership with InterpretAmerica, Lenguas 2017 brought over 250 interpreters and translators of all stripes together for the first time, including significant participation from indigenous language practitioners.

Lenguas has a unique structure. The first day is all plenary, with high-profile speakers and sessions designed to share important and cutting-edge information about our profession to all participants. Next year has been designated as the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages. Our plenary day will celebrate the enduring place indigenous languages play in the Americas as well as their intersection with the European languages that dominate much of our profession. Day 1 is capped off by the presentation of the annual Italia Morayta Awards for interpreters and translators and a celebratory toast for all afterwards.

After getting everyone connected, Lenguas offers two days of some of the best short-course and workshop training available anywhere. Below you can review last year's program of instructors and topics, which featured top-notch trainers from Mexico and the United States. This year promises the same. And yes! We will definitely be offering continuing education credits. The training is offered in a mix of English and Spanish.

Not convinced yet? Check out this video of highlights from last year's conference. Then head on over to the Lenguas Conference website to plan your trip to Mexico City next year!

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Lenguas 2017 Program:


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