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Program Announced for "think! Interpreting" at GALA 2014 in Istanbul

Published: 10 December 2013

One thing is certain—the future belongs to those willing to live and work in it.

In 2014, our primary focus at InterpretAmerica will be the business of interpreting in a changing marketplace and our premier event is think! Interpreting in Istanbul on March 23-26. In a first-ever collaboration, InterpretAmerica and GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) are partnering to help build stronger ties between the interpreting and translation sectors of the language services enterprise. think! Interpreting is a unique programming channel at GALA’s 2014 Language of Business Conference, the largest annual international conference dedicated to language service providers.

With just just three months to go, we’ve been hard at work crafting a program that focuses on the future of interpreting in all its many facets. Join us to see how technology and human expertise are combining to expand the scope and availability of spoken language services. (For a detailed description of this groundbreaking event, read the think! Interpreting Program Brochure in PDF.)

Like many other professions, Interpreting is living through an uneasy time of disruption and change. While traditional face-to-face meetings make up the bulk of interpreted events, new methods of meeting and collaborating, such as webconferencing, videoconferencing and webinars, are growing in popularity in both the public and private sectors. Over-the-phone interpreting is slowly giving way to video relay interpreting and video remote interpreting. The demand for interpreting services is evolving with the technologies the world now uses to communicate. As a result the demand for interpreting is expanding, and also diversifying, creating opportunities for those able to adapt and sometimes limiting the possibilities of those who can’t.

The changing market is rapidly wiping out traditional differences in providing translation and interpreting services. New mobile and video technologies are making both written and spoken communication equally possible on a huge, global scale. Through think! Interpreting, InterpretAmerica will help showcase our vibrant, evolving sector to large language service companies that have heretofore primarily focused on translation. With their burgeoning interest in adding interpreting to their service offerings, job opportunities grow and interpreting’s infrastructure expands. We are just starting to glimpse some of the new solutions and services that will tap trained interpreters.

The road ahead is unclear, but one thing is certain—the future belongs to those willing to live and work in it. Whether you represent an interpreting agency, are an interpreting technology provider, or a professional interpreter, if you have ever wanted to share your ideas with people who are shaping the future of interpreting, think! Interpreting in Istanbul is the place to be in March 2014.

Program Highlights from think! Interpreting:

Curious about how global connectivity is set to expand in the next five years and how it may affect interpreting? Don’t miss our distinguished and informed keynote speaker, Hervey Allen, from the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), as he discusses the internet infrastructure projects that will make our multilingual world even smaller in the next few years.

Intrigued by the promise and pitfalls of remote training for interpreters? Hear how the MCIS Online Training Platform for interpreters was built with public grant money by a private entity to expand the availability of training with a platform that can be scaled globally.

Interested in learning about where interpreting industry leaders are focusing their attention and bending their ear about what matters to you? Join us for two Knowledgefest roundtable discussions on interpreting’s place in the expanding global economy.

These are just a few of the one-of-a-kind opportunities for attendees at think! Interpreting at GALA 2014 in Istanbul.Register today to reserve your seat at the table at what is sure to be the beginning of a new wave of collaboration and innovation for interpreting. Early bird registration ends January 31, 2014.

Interested in showcasing your company or solutions at think! Interpreting? Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are still available. 


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