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think! Interpreting 2017 Call for Proposals

Published August 4, 2016

Announcing think! Interpreting 2017

Announcing the call for proposals for think! Interpreting 2017!  InterpretAmerica has been collaborating with Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) since 2014 to help raise the profile of interpreting inside the broader language services industry. This year we are excited to bring you the fourth installment of think! Interpreting, which will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 26-29, 2017. 

The 2017 conference theme is: The New Basics: Success and Sustainability in Today’s Language IndustryAfter years of talking about coming change, disruption and innovation, that change is now here. In 2017, our focus is bringing you the kind of information and resources that will help you identify and adapt to these new basics - the nuts and bolts of being successful in our changed and still changing professional landscape. 

Why think! Interpreting?

Unlike other events that we participate in, including our own InterpretAmerica Summits, where our focus is on the individual interpreter, interpreter education and interpreter technology, the primary focus of the GALA Annual Conference is the business side of language services. GALA is the largest global trade association for language services companies and its annual conference targets the companies that employ translators and interpreters around the world.

The think! Interpreting track at the conference introduces critical knowledge about key interpreting trends, needs and practices to the companies that play a huge part in shaping our field. After all, the hiring and work practices that these companies ultimately adopt impact the whole profession. 

For InterpretAmerica, the chance to showcase best practices and increase networking and awareness between translation and interpreting companies through think! Interpreting has proved highly gratifying and we believe, beneficial.

Call for Proposals

At GALA 2017 Amsterdam, the focus will be on the fundamental principles, strategies, and technologies – the “new basics” – that make for successful, sustainable entities in today’s global language industry. We are seeking interpreting-related proposals that help us provide advanced‐level practical skills and information for the following content tracks:

  • Interpreting service models, resourcing technologies, whitel-labeling, etc.

  • Language technology (automation, integration, new technology, etc.)

  • Executive leadership and operations (managing resources and growth, consolidation, specialization, leadership skills, succession planning, etc.)

  •  Sales and marketing strategies for language service companies (account management, business development, hiring practices, partnerships, etc.) 

Session formats vary from workshop presentations, moderated panels and Knowledgefest sessions.

For complete information about the call for proposals, visit the GALA Conference Website Call for Proposals page and see where you idea fits in best. 

The deadline to submit your proposal is September 18, 2016. 

Stay Tuned

Things will be ramping up for InterpretAmerica in Fall 2016 and 2017. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about InterpretAmerica 6 and other events that we will be collaborating on this fall and throughout 2017. 


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