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Update on Funding for The Interpreter Film: You Are Making a Difference!

Published August 18, 2015

We’ve come a long way, now it's time to bring it home and make this film a reality. The support of the interpreting community can put it over the top.

One week has passed since we joined forces with Her Pictures, the USC Media Institute for Social Change(USC-MISC) and No One Left Behind to raise the $20k needed to film “The Interpreter.” As of today (Tuesday, August 18, 2016) we have just nine days to go to reach that goal.

The response from both individual interpreters and language service companies has been excellent. In one week we have raised almost $4,000.00. Contributions from across the United States and around the world helped push the Kickstarter campaign past the halfway mark. But we still have just over $7,000.00 left to raise if “The Interpreter” is going to become a reality.

Together we can help bring this important story to the big screen. Together we can help draw sustained attention to this unnecessary tragedy. Together we can help do our part to bring about a change for the better for the many interpreters who have been left behind after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So what can you do specifically?

If you haven’t done so yet, make a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign. If you need some inspiration to do so, read the interview we published last week with the film’s director, Emmy-award-winning director Robert Ham.

If you have donated, tell your friends and family about this great initiative and encourage them to contribute as well. Nothing helps inspire others to contribute like an invitation from those who already have.

Let your social media networks know that you have contributed to this worthy project. Be sure to use the hashtag #TheInterpreterFilm. Or simply retweet some of the many tweets about the project from @InterpAmerica.

On behalf of everyone behind this film, we thank you for helping fellow interpreters in need and for joining us in our efforts to raise the profile of the interpreting profession to the world at large.

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