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Published: 08 June 2013

Interpreting and technology are evolving, and so are we...

This is an exciting time for InterpretAmerica. Just as technology is flipping our work world and the way we conduct business, we are doing the same.

The official launch of our new website brings with it many changes:

  • Blogs: Our new platform is designed for content creation. We are bringing the InterpretAmerica blog home to the website and adding two more, Barry’s blog on multilingual communication, technology and education and Katharine’s more personal reflections on the practice and profession.

  • Barry’s blog will do something unique for our field by offering insights on the technologies, people and practices that are changing how the world communicates. Need help navigating the turbulent seas of technological change? His blog will steer you straight.

  • Katharine’s blog will focus on staying relevant as an individual interpreter and freelance business person in the transforming social and technological landscape we now face. Far from feeling overwhelmed, her goal is to guide and celebrate the ever-increasing avenues for personal creativity and opportunity in our field.

Our inaugural posts are up. Read them here.

• Interpreting the News: Every day we will be highlighting a news story or development relevant to the interpreting profession and industry. Whether pointing to disruptive technologies, innovative practices, new tools for education or news from completely outside interpreting that nonetheless will be felt by all of us, InterpretAmerica will be culling the headlines to bring you the best stories of the day and key insight into why they matter.

• Publications and Media: We will continue to commission and make available publications useful to the whole field, as well as linking to other documents. In addition, we will now be able embed videos from past Summits, virtual events, and other media.

• Speaking and Consulting: We're introducing two new sections to the website to reflect what we already do professionally, consulting and public speaking. Need help designing or reviewing curriculum or training programs? Trying to get set up with the best technology for your needs? Need a big-picture keynote speaker or panelist to talk about cutting edge developments in the field? We love what we do and are happy to be able to share our expertise in this new way.

• Technology:  This section is coming soon. We are working on ways to continue our quest to demystify technology for practicing interpreters and to get interpreters at the table when new technologies and service delivery methods are created to ensure the highest standards and best working conditions possible.

In short, we’re migrating what was best about our old site,, which will remain live until the full switch is complete, and combining it with the best of the new. Take a look around and enjoy!


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