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@ProfessorOlsen Talks Tech and Interpreting on "A Word in Your Ear"

Published April 15, 2015


When it comes to blogs on interpreting or translation, few have more followers than Lourdes de Rioja's "A Word in Your Ear." It is a true treasure trove of information about interpreter training, practice and technology. At a recent conference of interpreter trainers at the European Commission in Brussels, Lourdes invited InterpretAmerica Co-President Barry Slaughter Olsen to share some of his thoughts on interpreting, technology and the road ahead for the blog. We jumped at the chance. The invitation was just too good to pass up. 

In this month's video featured on Lourdes' blog, Barry answers three questions:

  • How is technology affecting interpreting today?

  • Will technology remove interpreters from the meeting room?

  • Will I be replaced by technology? 


The video is also accompanied by a written post entitled "Riding the Wave of Technology and Interpreting: Finding Opportunity in Uncharted Waters," which delves deeper into the macro-trends that are reshaping how we communicate and how this is affecting interpreting. If you don't mind reading a little "geek speak," you'll walk away with some useful insights into what we stand to gain--and to lose--as a profession. We hope you enjoy our guest post on "A Word in Your Ear." So, click on over and read it now.If you have never visited Lourdes' blog, you are in for a treat.


Don't have time to read our guest post now? Take two minutes and watch this interview with Lourdes by Ian Andersen, where she talks about why she started her blog.  

Lourdes de Rioja, freelance interpreter and videographer, talks about her passion for filming interpreters. Camera and editing by Lucinda Afreixo, VideoSCIC. Interview by Ian Andersen. © European Commission 2012.


If you are interested in how technology is changing the interpreting profession, be sure to join us at the5th InterpretAmerica Summit on June 12-13, 2015 at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. You'll spend two full days hearing from leaders in interpreting, networking with stakeholders from across the industry and engaging in dialog with colleagues who are shaping the future of the profession. Register today! Early bird registration ends May 4, 2015. 


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