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4 Reasons You Should Visit the New InterpretAmerica Website

Published Jan 21, 2015

From our perspective, we can see what's on the horizon for interpreting...

Shortly before InterpretAmerica 4 in 2013, we introduced a new website. It allowed us to livestream presentations to virtual attendees around the world. We were able to consolidate our blogs and have more control over how our site looked. It allowed us to interact with our followers like never before. But before we knew it, our shiny new platform wasn’t able to do all that we needed it to do.

That is why today we are launching a totally new website built from the ground up. This new site will help us carry out our mission of “raising the profile of interpreting” like never before. 

Let's take a quick tour of the most important changes, which we hope will help bring the world of interpreting, including the exciting events we have planned for 2015, closer to you.In other words, four reasons why you should visit the new site.

Reason #1 Our Blogs

We’ve consolidated our blogs from four to two. The InterpretAmerica blog (the one you are reading now) will be published several times a month and cover topics of immediate relevance ranging from interpreter training to interpreting to technology to changes in the outside world that may change what we do. Interpreting the News is also back with commentary on the frequent news articles that affect the interpreting profession. We've also uploaded our previous blogs from the old site as well.

Reason #2 Our Events

InterpretAmerica now has two signature events. Our well-known InterpretAmerica Summit, now in its 5th installment for 2015, and think! Interpreting, our collaboration with the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) that integrates interpreting into the larger language services industry. This year we will be in Seville, Spain and Monterey, California, producing the high-quality and outside-the-box events you have come to expect. You can learn more about them in the Events section of our website.

Reason #3 Our Services

One of the most gratifying results of the InterpretAmerica Summits has been a growing number of invitations to speak at language industry and academic events around the world. In an effort to streamline this process we’ve created a Public Speaking page listing the most popular topics we are asked to speak about. You can also check Katharine’s or Barry’s availability to speak at your event. Similarly, we offer a range of Consulting services for entities seeking to train interpreters, incorporate technology into their interpreter workflow or understand the state of the interpreting market today.  

Reason #4 Our Resources

Finally, our new website makes it easier than ever to access content from the previous InterpretAmerica Summits, everything from Publications to Videos will be available on our site. If you are already working in interpreting or just new to the profession, be sure to check out InterpreTIPS, our latest collaboration with Cross Cultural Communications, where Katharine Allen and Marjory Bancroft answer those burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask about interpreting. 

The new InterpretAmerica website will be a hub for information about our growing and changing profession. It is an exciting time to be a part of interpreting. In five short years interpreting has gone through significant change with more to come on the horizon. We look forward to charting the next five years at your side.


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